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Tram & Bus Scrolls

Some recent personalised bus and tram blind designs we created

Here are a collection of our latest bus blinds, created specifically for our customers, they are a wide variety of styles available on our website and as you can see they also come in a eclectic mix of colour schemes from the traditional black and white right through to some eye catching purple or maroon ones. We offer the widest selection of bus and tram destination art blinds in the UK.

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Destination Art: A Journey Down Memory Lane

If we were to be honest with ourselves we’re all looking to regain the youth we once had. When we reach a certain time in our lives we begin to look back on the past with a fondness that wasn’t present in our youth. Inevitably nostalgia becomes a part of our day to day lives as we try to hold on to the wonderful times in our colourful history.

That feeling of deep happiness can only be brought on by the memories of our youth. This is the reason why we collect things, hoard items or get out the old photo albums from time to time. This longing for the past was also the inspiration behind and its unique tram and bus banner art.

We spent a large portion of our youth travelling to and from school, the playground or the youth centre usually on the local bus and tram systems, the memories of your first bus ride or the daily ride to a friend’s house sits deep in our minds. I’d wager you can still remember the route number to your high school.

Why not have a piece of tram or bus roll art in your home so you can be reminded of those good times every day? has decided to bring this exciting destination art concept to Australia. Visit our site to find out more.

Personalised Tram and Bus Art

You will be able to find that perfect tram or bus banner which takes you on that ride down memory lane. makes tram and bus scrolls to replicate all designs from 1920 to 1960. These personalised prints come in three different sizes and four different colours including our very special pastel blue.

Our personalised destination art can be made to have the look and feel of vintage tram and bus rolls if you’re looking for that authentic piece of destination art that will fit perfectly in your home.

We take great pride in the quality of our prints; don’t accept cheap imitations. Our destination art is presented on 100% cotton canvas helping to maintain that vintage look. will deliver you personal destination art design to any home in Australia free of charge.

If you would like to see the great range of unique personalised prints visit our website here; be prepared for a trip down memory lane.

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Personalised Letter Art

Our sister company have just launched a brand new website specialising in Personalised Letter Art

Who are Wow Letter Art and what is Personalised Letter Art?

Wow Letter Art was the first company to bring to Australia the new trend in personalised gifts and home decor. Decide on a word or name and we’ll turn it into art. Name art design is a unique and bespoke gift option for all occasions including birthdays, weddings and housewarmings. Just click here to find out more.

What Makes Wow Art Personalised Letter Art Unique?

Firstly decide on the word you would like to have customised. At Wow Letter Art we offer two different alphabet galleries, Nature and Rustic. Each of the galleries offers a range of photos taken in unique settings within Europe, Australia and America with each photo depicting an individual letter from the alphabet and there are many photographs to choose from for each letter

Then decide the tone. With our name art design you have the choice of three different tones, colour, black and white or sepia offering you the option to make your custom name plaque gift personal to the recipient.

And now decide whether you would like frame or canvas. Our personalised letter package includes four different framing options, light brown, mahogany, black and ornate brown, to suit all home designs. All of our frames are handmade in Australia. We also offer four different canvas colours, ornate mahogany, black or white to suit the colour scheme in any home.

Your bespoke name art gift could be ordered in as little as five minutes and delivered to your home within 7-10 days. Want to know more visit our site.

Four Different Personalised Letter Art Packages to Choose From

Our most popular personalised gift is our framed letter art. At Letter Wow Art we use premium quality inks on archival art paper which, when placed in a handmade frame, look stunning both now and in twenty years time.

To ensure we are meeting the desires of all of our customers we also offer letter art canvas prints. We use 100 % cotton canvas mounted on a thick, kiln dried timber frame and the same quality photographs we use in our framed option above.

If you’re looking to make your own art and you are excited by our photographs, we sell each photograph individually.

And if you want to buy one as a gift but just can’t decide on which exciting name art design to choose. We have beautifully presented gift vouchers.

At Wow Letter Art we pride ourselves on providing quality personalised letter art and great prices. If you would like to know more just click here.

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Here is our  latest blog showing around 40 of  our recent personalised bus blind designs. Please feel free to have a look at these designs in order to get ideas for your personalised tram and bus destination scrolls. The 40 designs are a nice mix of many of our different colors and styles from the popular Full line and contemporary style designs in black and white through to the modern styles like the coloured style and modernista. As always please feel free to contact, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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This is the latest blog about our recent bus blinds, created for our customers, as requested we frequently write these blogs so that customers and potential customers can see some of the recent vintage destination blinds designs we have created. We are the largest Bus Blinds, Tram Scrolls company in the UK and offer a greater range of styles and colours than any other company / canvas printer.

There are 5 unique styles of custom canvas art designs to choose from such as the Full Line style, contemporary style, modernista, multi-font, centred style and lastly the most recent of our bus scroll styles, the Coloured style.The modernista seems to be getting more popular by the day with more and more people also asking for different colours such as Navy, red, purple etc.

To view the latest creations just click CONTINUE READING below to see the designs.

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We are often asked what other customers have ordered recently and for our customers to see the recent bus blind designs we have created. This in mind we aim to regularly (although not as regularly as we should!) add a blog showing some of the recent tram scroll/ vintage bus blind designs we have created.

Here are some of the designs from January and February, you can see a wide range of destination art style and colour schemes were requested.

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The ups and downs everyone experiences during life have often been likened to a ride on a cosmic roller coaster.  Actually, if life was just one smooth glide, we would probably get bored part way through, and even uncomfortable moments often provide laughs later on.  Bus and Tram Scrolls are a way of celebrating both the good, and maybe some of the other times, too.  Always remember that getting there is half the fun.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have taken a world tour, you surely will have had experiences worth remembering.  A wonderful way to relive your journey would be with a tram and bus blind from our European Blinds Gallery.  Blinds showing the routes in Paris, Belfast, and London bring all the flavour of these exciting cities into your home.  The blinds are available in black & white, beige, pastel, and coloured and add an interesting focal point to any room.

However, a world tour is only one way for Australians to approach wall art from Bus and Tram Scrolls – destinations in your home city or where you may have moved later in life also available.  Watsons Bay, East Brisbane, and Fitzroy are among the blind prints offered.  A look at any of these canvas prints will surely bring back memories to anyone who travelled these cities on trams or buses.  These are a part of Australian history and lore that will never been forgotten.

Bus and tram scrolls can be used not only as destination art, but for a multitude of other purposes.  Let your imagination go when it comes to designing your own personal bus canvas.  Are you a pet lover?  If so, why not use our Design Your Own page to highlight your favorite dog or cat (or even gecko).  The pet’s name, where you acquired him or her, their most endearing qualities, and their favorite toy and food can all be included on the print.  Those who own stables might enjoy listing their horses.

Personalised art based on underground signs can also be used for occasions such as weddings and anniversaries.  The flexibility that Bus & Tram Scrolls offers to our customers means that we can provide whatever you wish.  Parents and grandparents will enjoy bus blinds with the names of children and grandchildren, and once again, you are offered a choice of colour, size, and type, as well as whether you want your print to arrive stretched or unstretched.

In order to capture the ambiance and ‘feel’ of the old bus and tram blinds, we use a coarser grade of canvas when making our prints.  The inks we use for the canvas prints are the highest quality and will resist deterioration for decades without problem.  Once the printing is complete, we laminate the canvas to protect the ink from scratches.  These blinds look great hanging on the wall, or even propped next to the telly.  Our FAQs can help answer most of your questions, but we are always ready to provide personal service and advice, too.

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If you’re looking for a new decorative theme for you home, Bus & Tram Blinds can add a meaningful personal element.  Not only are these blinds a great way to provide wall art, but they can also say something about your travels through life, real or imaginary.  There are a number of ways to approach bus and trams blinds, any of which will bring a special focus and accent to the decoration of your home.

Although canvas tram blinds are no longer in use, they did provide an easy way for travelers to determine exactly where a particular tram was headed.  All the stops would be displayed in block lettering, generally in white on a black background.  For those living in the UK, there are a number of ways to celebrate these old tram lines, such as the blind that shows the London-Full Line schedule.  Available not only in black & white, you can also use the more softly coloured cream & brown or pastel blue to complement a more subtle décor.

Most of us have spent time daydreaming about places we have never seen, and imaginary trips can be made more real if you catalogue your journey with bus blinds.  Bus & Tram Blinds offers you the chance to design your own travelogue with anywhere in the world as your destination.  Imagine sitting back on a cold, wet winter’s night and letting your mind wander to all the South Sea destinations on your tram scroll – Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, and the Cook Islands.  A journey in the mind can be nearly as satisfying as an actual one, and it’s also one that you can repeat any time you wish.

However, imaginary vacations and geographical places are not the only way that our personalised tram scrolls can be used.  Personalised art that makes use of the names of children or grandchildren will be a great way to use underground signs.  You will have a choice of size and colour for your bus canvas, and always remember that we can customise the size of the scroll if you wish.  You can also use destination art to celebrate concerts you have attended or your favorite books, the list can be almost endless.

One of the questions you may be asking yourself at this point is, “How long is my bus scroll going to last?  Will it be a faded tatter in a year or two?”  You need have no fears about the durability of our bus & tram blinds; to begin with, we replicate the sturdy canvas used in the original blinds, and even go one step better by using archival quality canvas fabric.  If you run your fingers over your scroll, you be able to feel the authentic, somewhat rough texture.  Our artisans also use the finest quality inks in order to provide sharp, bright colours that will not fade.  To make sure that your destination art looks as good in 50 years as it does the day you hang it on the wall, we laminate it to prevent scratches or dings from detracting from its appearance.

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If you want some ideas for your custom destination tram scroll design, here are a selection of designs we have created recently for customers. You can see a large selection of colours and styles, also you can see the difference between how they look with only 12 lines or 20 lines.

You’ll see from the blog gallery (CLICK CONTINUE READING TO SEE THEM) below the following styles and colours;


Full Line style this is the most popular style and is also the most traditional

Centred style – this is based on the original tram scrolls from the Melbourne are in the 1950’s and 1960’s

Contemporary – this new style is a modern take on the traditional, vintage tram & bus banner / tram scroll designs

Modernista – a brand new concept design allowing up to 45 lines / destinations, displayed in a criss-cross fashion

Multi – Coloured – there are a couple of these, based on the original coloured scroll designs, seen sometimes to depict particular tram lines

Colours & effects

Vintage – we add this effect onto the design giving an impression of aging/fading to the destination scroll

Cream & brown – our 2nd most popular colour

Dark Blue – a new variant for those wanting something bold and new

Cream & white- great alternative colour, cream background with white writing

Pastel blue – stunning colour scheme based on a french Provencial blue


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Custom bus scrolls are the latest & greatest in elegant décor. If you want unique art that stands out from the rest, you should turn to bus destination signs for the perfect gift idea or a an art that will commemorate your life story, a bus destination scroll is the ultimate in chic décor. When you make images on fabric you can add a lasting storage to your house, one which is as exclusive as your contemporary décor. You can supplement the design of your house by individualising scrolls or bus location scrolls with your personal terms.

The beauty of the bus and subway destination signs designs is that they can be customized with your own wording and depict your life story or that of your friend or relative. These bus destination signs can be placed throughout your house in a contemporary yet exclusively elegant style.

You can create presents for loved ones that will last a life-time or make a means of keeping in mind a family member or an important occasion by re-creating bus location scrolls with customised compositions. You are not just restricted to bus destination signs however, an increasingly popular art idea for bus destination signs is to design your own using places you’ve lived, favourite holidays, your children’s names or even your favourite bands!

When you use our professional services for your unique customised bus scrolls you can select from a variety of predesigned scrolls or you can design your own. If there is a location you like which we offer, you can select the unique art work and have it delivered to your home ready to mount to your well. However, if you do not find a piece of artwork from the predesigned scrolls which suits your home or complements your existing décor then you can talk to our team of professionals about designing your own.

When you design your own bus location scrolls you can control the colour schemes and text, ensuring that the finished product speaks about your fondest memory or location. You can include text of varying shapes, sizes, and colours within the finished product, which can be altered to print horizontally or vertically. If you have something unique in mind you can contact us to talk about how the finished product will look and what accessories you can have printed onto the final bus scroll. You can order multiple bus scrolls for your home so that every room features a different location that is near and dear to your heart and your loved ones.

The recognised market leader in these vintage reproduction art works is , based in the UK they deliver their unique typographic artworks all over the world.

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