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Bus Scrolls

Bus Scrolls or Tram Banners, Tram Scrolls, Bus Blinds and Destination Sign Art are all names for this latest trend in interior design. These stunning typographic artworks are so popular for many reasons, they are based on the original vintage bus scrolls used on old buses and trams around the world around the middle of the 21st century. They were called scrolls due to the fact that the conductors would usually manually scroll through the different destinations as the bus or tram went along its route.

Primrose Hill Bus scrolls Sign ArtThis page has been created to assist in the navigation of our website as it is growing all the time with more and more Vintage Bus Scroll designs being added all the time with designs from all over the UK such as London Bus Blinds through to Birmingham bus scrolls, Australian Tram scroll designs for many of its major cities from Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney plus many more.

To browse our gallery of European Bus Scrolls click here.

To browse our gallery of Australian Bus Scrolls click here.

To browse our gallery of World Bus & Tram Scrolls click here.

We also specialise in creating customised bus and tram scrolls, our site has 6 different styles to choose from as can be seen on the galleries, they include the popular and most traditional Full Line style, the more modern contemporary style aptly called ‘contemporary’, the multi-font style with a variety of fonts, the modernista style for those with a large number of words or destinations, the centred and underlined style and lastly the coloured style which again is based on an Australian style of tram scroll.

To design your own custom bus scroll simply choose the style you’d like and place an order here. We’ll then email you a proof within 48 hours for you to review, approve or request changes. Browse our blog to see examples of previous designs we have created.


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