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What exactly are Bus Blinds is a question we get asked a lot? Customers see our unique typographic artworks and love the bold black and white style along with the fact that they can be customised using any destinations and words to make them an almost perfect gift idea, however many people are unsure what they originally were.

vintage bus blind, London bus sign artTherefore we thought we’d shed some light on this… Bus Blinds are often also called Bus Destinations Blinds, Tram Banners, Bus Scrolls or even Tram scrolls, they are all one and the same. They are recreations of the original vintage bus signs that were used on the front of the old buses and trams to denote destinations. These original bus blinds were usually a canvas / vinyl mix and in the old buses and trams they were manually rolled as the bus changed its routes often to either show the next stop or sometimes just to show the route that bus or tram was covering on the day.

Our site www.busandtramblinds.co.uk is the most comprehensive site in the UK for these stunning vintage throw back artworks, we have galleries for the Europe, Australia and the rest of the world, these galleries display many actual almost exact copies of the original bus and tram scrolls. These vintage destination designs can be spotted quite easily especially for the UK designs as they often even have measurements on the canvas fronts to assist the conductor for when he rolled the bus blinds. See the example here.

Our site now has over 400 unique bus blind designs available in 5 colours and 6 different styles ensuring we have something for everyone from the vintage sticklers that want precise copies of the old vintage bus blinds through to people that want something a little more contemporary.

Browse our galleries to find the one your like;

European designs here.

Australian designs here.

World bus blind and tram blinds here.

Or design your own personalised bus destination blind here.




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