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The ups and downs everyone experiences during life have often been likened to a ride on a cosmic roller coaster.  Actually, if life was just one smooth glide, we would probably get bored part way through, and even uncomfortable moments often provide laughs later on.  Bus and Tram Scrolls are a way of celebrating both the good, and maybe some of the other times, too.  Always remember that getting there is half the fun.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have taken a world tour, you surely will have had experiences worth remembering.  A wonderful way to relive your journey would be with a tram and bus blind from our European Blinds Gallery.  Blinds showing the routes in Paris, Belfast, and London bring all the flavour of these exciting cities into your home.  The blinds are available in black & white, beige, pastel, and coloured and add an interesting focal point to any room.

However, a world tour is only one way for Australians to approach wall art from Bus and Tram Scrolls – destinations in your home city or where you may have moved later in life also available.  Watsons Bay, East Brisbane, and Fitzroy are among the blind prints offered.  A look at any of these canvas prints will surely bring back memories to anyone who travelled these cities on trams or buses.  These are a part of Australian history and lore that will never been forgotten.

Bus and tram scrolls can be used not only as destination art, but for a multitude of other purposes.  Let your imagination go when it comes to designing your own personal bus canvas.  Are you a pet lover?  If so, why not use our Design Your Own page to highlight your favorite dog or cat (or even gecko).  The pet’s name, where you acquired him or her, their most endearing qualities, and their favorite toy and food can all be included on the print.  Those who own stables might enjoy listing their horses.

Personalised art based on underground signs can also be used for occasions such as weddings and anniversaries.  The flexibility that Bus & Tram Scrolls offers to our customers means that we can provide whatever you wish.  Parents and grandparents will enjoy bus blinds with the names of children and grandchildren, and once again, you are offered a choice of colour, size, and type, as well as whether you want your print to arrive stretched or unstretched.

In order to capture the ambiance and ‘feel’ of the old bus and tram blinds, we use a coarser grade of canvas when making our prints.  The inks we use for the canvas prints are the highest quality and will resist deterioration for decades without problem.  Once the printing is complete, we laminate the canvas to protect the ink from scratches.  These blinds look great hanging on the wall, or even propped next to the telly.  Our FAQs can help answer most of your questions, but we are always ready to provide personal service and advice, too.

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