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If you’re looking for a new decorative theme for you home, Bus & Tram Blinds can add a meaningful personal element.  Not only are these blinds a great way to provide wall art, but they can also say something about your travels through life, real or imaginary.  There are a number of ways to approach bus and trams blinds, any of which will bring a special focus and accent to the decoration of your home.

Although canvas tram blinds are no longer in use, they did provide an easy way for travelers to determine exactly where a particular tram was headed.  All the stops would be displayed in block lettering, generally in white on a black background.  For those living in the UK, there are a number of ways to celebrate these old tram lines, such as the blind that shows the London-Full Line schedule.  Available not only in black & white, you can also use the more softly coloured cream & brown or pastel blue to complement a more subtle décor.

Most of us have spent time daydreaming about places we have never seen, and imaginary trips can be made more real if you catalogue your journey with bus blinds.  Bus & Tram Blinds offers you the chance to design your own travelogue with anywhere in the world as your destination.  Imagine sitting back on a cold, wet winter’s night and letting your mind wander to all the South Sea destinations on your tram scroll – Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, and the Cook Islands.  A journey in the mind can be nearly as satisfying as an actual one, and it’s also one that you can repeat any time you wish.

However, imaginary vacations and geographical places are not the only way that our personalised tram scrolls can be used.  Personalised art that makes use of the names of children or grandchildren will be a great way to use underground signs.  You will have a choice of size and colour for your bus canvas, and always remember that we can customise the size of the scroll if you wish.  You can also use destination art to celebrate concerts you have attended or your favorite books, the list can be almost endless.

One of the questions you may be asking yourself at this point is, “How long is my bus scroll going to last?  Will it be a faded tatter in a year or two?”  You need have no fears about the durability of our bus & tram blinds; to begin with, we replicate the sturdy canvas used in the original blinds, and even go one step better by using archival quality canvas fabric.  If you run your fingers over your scroll, you be able to feel the authentic, somewhat rough texture.  Our artisans also use the finest quality inks in order to provide sharp, bright colours that will not fade.  To make sure that your destination art looks as good in 50 years as it does the day you hang it on the wall, we laminate it to prevent scratches or dings from detracting from its appearance.

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