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The early 20th Century is big news right now and now one enterprising British company has tapped into a new and hitherto undiscovered nostalgic art form. BusandTramBlinds.co.uk has set up in business manufacturing replica bus and tram destination scrolls from the early 1900s to the 1960s. These scrolls used to be displayed on the front and sides of buses and trams in London and also other places around the world, such as Melbourne, Paris and San Francisco.

The company believes in offering its customers only the highest quality, printing in UV-resistant inks onto high-quality 100% cotton canvas for a long and fade-resistant life of up to 70 years! The canvas is kept as rough and raw as possible to add to the vintage feel and the finished blind is treated with a special laminate to keep the lettering in perfect condition. The canvas is stretched over a timber frame that has been kiln-dried for added strength, ready to hang to make the perfect statement in any home or office. Scrolls can be left unstretched for those who prefer, in which case they are supplied rolled up.

Nothing has been left to chance in this operation. There is a range of fonts available in a variety of styles from traditional to modern. Choose a full-line, underlined and centred or contemporary design theme and personalise your scroll through your colour choice. There are a number of colour options with every scroll available in black and white, black and cream, cream and brown, pastel blue or a vintage effect. A couple of designs are available in a multi-coloured effect for those seeking something different.

Blinds are available in two sizes. The smaller version measures 20 x 44 inches (51 x 112 cms) while the larger size is a massive 32 x 70 inches (82 x 178 cms) and guaranteed to make a real impact. With prices starting from under  100 for the smaller size unstretched and free delivery, this is an art form within everyone`s reach.

Yet BusandTramBlinds.co.uk still has one very large trick up its sleeve. For an extra  20 payable as a deposit on the finished item the company will manufacture a scroll to your own design. Simply pick your size of blind, decide on the font style and colour, hand over your list of names and you could be the proud owner of a completely unique scroll. Choose from favourite holiday destinations, places that mean something special to a loved one, or a list of friends or family and have them immortalised as a striking piece of art that everyone will exclaim over.

The company is committed to giving customer satisfaction and promise to keep supplying proof copies of the artwork until such time as the customer is completely happy with the lettering before going ahead with the order.

The website features a blog which allows users to read other customers comments (all glowing reports of satisfaction at the service, quality and speed of delivery) and which gives a glimpse into what other people are ordering. It could help to get the creative juices flowing to see what others have dreamed up.

The largest version of the bus and tram scroll is designed to be very much a statement piece and as such needs to be displayed to its best advantage. Such a striking item deserves to take centre stage, so keep surroundings simple, perhaps with cushions or <a href=”http://www.dunelm-mill.com/shop/curtains/door-curtains/”>door curtains</a> in a complementary colour to allow the artwork to really stand out.

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