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Different colours

Different Colours & Styles of tram scrolls available on this site.

We offer a wide variety of colours and styles on this site and are happy to create others if requested, we can create any colour and style. if you have seen it somewhere else, just show us a picture and we can replicate this for you.

Here are a the three main styles we offer and a little about them;

full line style Different colours contemporary style Different colours centred underlined Different colours
Full line Style / Traditional Contemporary Style Centred & Underlined

Full line Style is the most traditional of the three, in this style all letters and lines are the same height.

Contemporary Style is a modern take on the original tram scroll using varying font heights to good effect.

Centred & Underlined style was mostly seen in and around Melbourne around the 1950’s and can be seen on many of the original tram rolls from this era.

antique effects 1 Different colours antique effects 2 Different colours beige brown Different colours pastel blue Different colours
Antique Effects design 1 Antique Effects design 2 Beige & Brown Provincial / Pastel Blue Colour

Antique Effects: For a more vintage feel, we can offer an aged effect that looks fantastic, design 1 is less aged than design 2. We charge an extra $20 for this effect. This antique effects or vintage effect adds a brown tinge to the tram scroll and the letters become cream / off-white.

Beige & Brown: Our beige and brown looks great as an alternative colour scheme.

French Provincial Pastel Blue is now available as standard on the site however we can create any colours such as purple or red too.

Other styles to look for on this site;

multi font style Different colours modernista style Different colours front tram rolls Different colours
Multi-font Style Modernista Style Front of Tram Rolls

Multi-Font style: Stunning typographic bus roll designs, to create your designs in this style is an additional $60 instead of $30.

Modernista Style: Designed specifically we have a few of these on the sight.

Front of Tram Rolls: These colourful designs we seen specifically on the front of some of the older trams.