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We have just added a new design to our tram scroll range, due to popular demand we have just added a border to our cream and brown line.

See the design below this new colour scheme allows the lettering and vintage style to be displayed well as the colours stand out from anywhere in the room.

The vintage bus destination art looks as close as we can get it to the framed original trolley / bus scroll banners that can be bought for exorbitant prices.

Pyrmont Beige with brown edge1 138x300 New designs added to Tram scroll range This Sydney inner west ‘All stops to… Pyrmont’ colour scheme can be used for any of the cream and brown tram     and bus scrolls in our range, just ask us and we can offer it without extra charge. Just ask the team for the cream and brown style with the brown edge.

This might be a good time to remind you that we are the number one provider of premium replica tram and bus scrolls in Australia. Our focus is on quality tram scrolls that are as close to the original versions as we can get.

For the real vintage feel we can even add a ‘vintage cream’ colour to the font on the black and white tram banners to further enhance the antique feel.

For more information on our tram and bus scrolls visit the site

or contact us on / 1300 632 332. We also have a sister site called Blue Horizon Printing

We offer different styles on both sites to keep our customers happy.